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The World Is Our Oyster - 2023

Everyone - Live, love, and travel because the world is our oyster and life is short. In 2023, we continued our businesses and travels. We planned group trips and continued to scout new places for our upcoming book (stay tuned). We took some of the most amazing trips in 2023. The top of the list is the safari we took to Tanzania and then the beach trip to Zanzibar. We saw all of the big 5 animals. We stayed in the Serengeti at the Ole Serai Luxury Camps. While there, we met some of the most amazing young people who we are keeping in touch with to this day. We heard lions and elephants just outside of our glamping rooms. We saw elephants up close and personal, leopards roaming across the plains, lions by the dozens, we saw two black rhinoceroses, many water buffalo, hippopotamuses, and the list goes on and on. The cradle of life at Olduvai Gorge is absolutely stunning. The whole trip was like the movie the Lion King brought to life. God created a beautiful world for all of us to see and