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2017 Travel - Year In Review

2017 Travel - Year In Review - 2017 was a great year for us travel wise and in every way! It is our goal to go on a trip every month and we almost achieved that goal. We love travel and love sharing our experiences with others. In 2017, we traveled to Barbados, New York City, Cozumel, Montreal, Israel, Punta Cana, Myrtle Beach, San Antonio, and Jamaica (girls trip). We enjoy a mix of both city and beach trips. We enjoyed every beach trip. The time to relax, see new places, meet new people and have fun in the sun was wonderful. We enjoyed our stay at the Secrets in Punta Cana tremendously. The resort is very nice and the staff was amazing. The food was excellent and the beach was relaxing. We toured the island a bit and had a great time as a couple just being disconnected from the world and enjoying the beauty God created. My first blog was about our stay in Cozumel which was a great time at the beach as well. If you have not read the blog, please do so. We love Cozumel. There are a

Cozumel by Sea

Hola Cozumel!  My husband and I are the cruising type.   We love to cruise and have been to Cozumel twice and both for just one day as part of our cruise itinerary.   The first time we docked in Cozumel we walked down the street toward the left of the port to Margaritaville.   We sat and had some good Mexican food and drinks and took in the wonderful blue water views.   We went to the nearby shopping center and purchased some Mexican instruments; something we do on all of our traveling adventures.   Handmade maracas and a ukulele were the Cozumel treasures we brought home.   The second time we visited Cozumel was just this past May.   We took a 5 day cruise with family and friends and this time we went to visit Senor Sancho's Beach Club!   Senor Sancho's was only about a 15 minute ride from the port and the van that took all 8 of us only charged $5 each for each way.   Senor Sancho's is an all-inclusive resort that includes a beach chair, table and chairs under and umbr

Cozumel, Mexico

Have you ever thought, I just need a week to get away, unplug, unwind, and totally relax? We have all had that moment when we think I want to go someplace where there are no children, where there are no partying spring breakers, where there is no loud music, nothing but rest and relaxation available, along with good food and a great beach. My husband, Carl, and I had one of those moments in April of this year and we found the perfect place. The Secrets Aura in Cozumel is an amazing place to unwind but you can still get to the night life in Playa del Carmen or Cancun if you like. We have been to both Playa del Carmen and Cancun but on this trip we wanted to just breathe, fully relax.   Carl and I live very planned lives. You know the schedules of busy professionals: meetings, travel for work, evenings reading documents, family events, caring for elderly parents and/or children, church, community events and that is a slow week. Seriously, life can be like a flood of activity and non