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New York City, An Absolute Favorite

New York City (NYC) is absolutely one of our favorite cities. It sits atop the list with London and San Francisco. We do have to add that we also truly enjoy our city, Washington DC, and think it is among the best cities to live, work, and play (although we live in the suburbs). NYC seems to be almost a world all its own. I have been visiting NYC since I was in my early twenties and my husband has been visiting since he was a child. The city is everything you imagine it to be. Some cities are a disappointment. Los Angeles was absolutely a disappointment to me. All of the places that seem so grand on TV are not so in person, except Beverly Hills which is everything it looks to be. NYC is far from a disappointment. It is even better than it seems to be on TV. NYC is truly the city that never sleeps. Anything you want to do, you can do it there. We love the theater and the shopping in NYC. We also love to just walk around the city. We spend most of our time in Manhattan. We als