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Domestic Travel, Beach Travel, and International Travel

My husband and I like a variety of travel. As you know, it is our goal to go somewhere every month of the year, except December as we like to be home for the holidays with family. We have again traveled every month this year. We traveled to Playa Del Carmen in January and New York in February. We cruised to Belize, Cozumel, and Costa Maya on the Smooth Jazz Cruise in March. We went to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon in April. We went back to New York to see Denzel Washington on Broadway in May. We cruised again in June to Aruba, Curacao, St. Thomas, and St. Kitts. We went to Detroit, Michigan and hopped over to Windsor Canada in July. We also went back to Mexico to Maroma Beach in July for a long weekend. We went to Europe (Portugal and Italy) in August. We went to Myrtle Beach, SC in September. We went to Orlando and New Orleans in October. We also went to Spokane Washington and Coeur d’Alene Idaho in November. We will summarize our travels and note all of the highlights in our 2018

Traveling With Family Is a Blessing

We have had a number of trips this year with family and to attend family events. We have enjoyed every single trip with our family. We feel extremely blessed to have the family we have. My husband’s family is very close. They support each other in everything and work together to make events special. There is a level of love and respect that still exists in the Person and Hedgepeth families that many families have lost.  We traveled to Detroit this year with our daughter (mine through love) and with our mother for our family reunion and had a wonderful time. There is a Hedgepeth family reunion every other year and a Person family reunion on the opposite year every other year. The majority of the family attends the family reunions and we celebrate the achievements of the family. We have had young people finish their PhDs, complete master’s degrees, complete bachelor’s degrees, become medical doctors and judges. It is an amazing opportunity to share the success of the young people i

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly on our Trip to Portugal and Italy

My travels throughout Europe have been limited but we are increasing our travel across the pond. The richness of the culture in the various European countries seems boundless. Within the same country, you can find extreme diversity and distinctly different beauty. In our travels, we have visited London, Paris, Lisbon, Rome, Venice, and Frankfort. England, France, Portugal, Italy, and Germany have so much to offer. I can not begin to put all of the information about our adventures in these countries into a blog. There are endless books about these wonderful countries that are centuries older than the U.S. It is also immediately obvious that Europe tackled its struggle with racism much earlier and more directly than we dealt with it in the U.S. as the various races seem more ingrained in the culture of the countries. This embracing of diversity lends itself to an enriching and enlightening travel experience. On our most recent trip to Rome, Venice, Lisbon, and a brief stop in Fra