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Our 2022 Travels

We had amazing travels in 2022. We went to Costa Rica, Myrtle Beach, New York, Spain, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and 
toured our new home base in Florida. We explored brand  new places which were Costa Rica, the Netherlands and 
Spain. Part of the goal of travel should be to experience new things, learn new things, explore different cultures, and 
enjoy yourself. I know many people who travel to the same places over and over or go to the same types of places
(Caribbean only, Europe only, etc.). Carl and I want to see the whole world so our blog will reflect that. Every year, 
we try to travel somewhere we have not been before and let you know about those places as well as go to some of our 
favorite (or place for me) locations.

Let's start with our favorite destination of 2022, Spain. Spain made our place for me list. We traveled to
Barcelona, Madrid, and the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria). We loved every location we visited
and each city was distinctly different just as each Canary Island was distinctly different. Barcelona had a big city
hustle and bustle feel but with a long and rich history. We visited centuries old churches, schools, a former monastery, 
museums, Gaudi houses that are a marvel to behold. Antoni Gaudi was a genius plan and simple. We walked by the 
ports and had late dinner because nobody seems to eat before 8 pm. We loved Barcelona. Then, we went to the
Canary Islands where we met friends who live there. We flew into Fuerteventura which was lovely. If you are going to 
the Canary Islands, stay at the Secrets Fuerteventura.  The manager and staff are absolutely amazing. There are none 
better. We took a ferry over to Gran Canaria which was a lovely experience. Gran Canaria was much larger with more 
shopping and an old world feel. Fuerteventura has possibly the most beautiful terrain of any island I have seen. From 
huge sand dunes at the beaches to canyons that seem as deep as the Grand Canyon in the middle of the island, it is 
breathtaking.  We left Fuerteventura and flew to Madrid. Madrid is one of my favorite cities in the world now. Madrid is 
a beautiful city with museums (loved the Prado Museum), theater, art, beautiful parks, luxury shopping, great food, 
and lovely people. Everything about this city is amazing. We also went to the Netherlands. I worked in Rotterdam and 
then vacationed in Amsterdam and briefly toured Utrecht. Rotterdam is a nice city with a rich history. Utrecht is also 
lovely. Both of those cities can be visited and toured in one day, unless you are working there. Amsterdam is another 
city that is now on my favorite cities or places to be list. There are as many or more canals than Venice Italy. The food 
scene is amazing. We ate at the Duchess. There is art, theater, shopping, and amazing museums. We visited both the 
Van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum. Then, we went to Las Vegas on business and added a short vacation with family. 
Las Vegas is always fun. The casinos are amazing works of art. I am not a gambler but the architecture and interior 
designs of the buildings never cease to amaze. The Bellagio and Caesars Palace remain my favorites, especially the 
buffets at each of them. Traveling with family is always fun even if only briefly. We spent Thanksgiving with our 
Baby Girl in Atlanta and time with her always beats any other vacation. Atlanta continues to be one of the fastest 
growing southern cities. Finally, we went to NYC in December and NYC continues to be a place for me. We love 
Broadway and went to see The Piano Lesson with Samuel Jackson, directed by his wife. We saw the Christmas 
tree at Rockefeller Center, went shopping on Fifth Avenue and looked at the amazing Christmas decorations in the 
store windows. NYC at Christmas is absolutely majestic. That is one of our favorite places to be in December.

We live a very blessed life and never take our blessings for granted. We give thanks to God for blessing us with this 
beautiful planet and giving us the health and the means to explore it. 

Live, Love, and travel!!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Wow, you have really inspired me to plan a european trip for my family (well, ask my husband to plan it since he is our trip planner!). I look forward to hearing more about your travels.


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