Holiday Travel (January - B)

Holiday travel can be stressful, time consuming, and down right ugly!  

The roads are jam packed with people trying to get to their destination.  The airports aren't any better with longer than usual lines, extra security procedures, and potential weather complications and cancellations.  And to top it off the prices of gas and flights go up substantially due to the extra demand.  This along with the usual holiday stress of shopping, planning time with family and friends, cooking, and managing to still deal with regular work and life demands can take us over the edge quite easily. 

There are a few things we can do to ease the pain.
First,  plan and book your travel as early as possible.  Check that task off of your to do list!  Purchase those flights, book the hotel, and reserve your car rental as early as possible in order to get the best deal possible.  Some booking services and airlines will match cheaper flights if they happen to become available after you've purchased.  Orbitz for example will price match and reimburse for over paid amounts.  Southwest Airlines will allow you to easily rebook for a better and cheaper flight at no additional cost.
Second, give yourself some plenty of extra time.  In the event something unexpected comes up, you will have plenty of time to deal with it and eliminate additional stress.  If you get to your gate early, just sit back with a nice book and enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee or tea.  It doesn't get better than that!
Finally, travel as light as you can and don't wrap any presents before getting to your destination.  TSP doesn't like wrapped gifts and can request you to open anything they want or need to inspect further.  The lighter you travel the quicker you will get through security screening.

We all love the holidays but no one enjoys the extra pressures and stress.  Eliminate or reduce the holiday traveling stress by planning ahead, allowing extra time, and traveling light.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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